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Voluntary Self Exclusion

What is Self Exclusion?

Limited Gaming Rule 29 and Sports Betting Rule 9 established responsible gaming duties and requirements for Casinos and Sports Betting Operations, as well as guidance to individuals who wish to self-exclude from gaming in Colorado. These rules also established the Colorado Division of Gaming as the custodian of the Self-Exclusion list. It is the duty of the Division to compile and share the list with all operators within Colorado. 

A person may voluntarily apply to be self-excluded from gaming in Colorado for a period of 1 year (the minimum), 3 years, or 5 years. Individual self-exclusion means that an individual has made a conscious voluntary effort to exclude themselves from all forms of gaming under the regulatory purview of the Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission and the Colorado Division of Gaming. 

Persons excluded from gaming are prohibited from:
   - Gambling at casinos 
   - Placing sports wagers at on-site sportsbooks
   - Placing sports wagers at on-line sportsbooks

Persons on the exclusion may not participate or collect winnings from the gaming in Colorado on which they are prohibited. Players that self exclude shall not, while on the exclusion list, be able to redeem points, bonuses, comps or freeplay.

Individuals that self-exclude from gaming corporations that have gaming operations in other states may be included on their corporate exclusion list and may be included in other state exclusion programs. An individual self-excluding in Colorado shall be informed prior to being placed on a corporate exclusion list.

How to apply to the Self-Exclusion List

You may apply to the Self-Exclusion list online through a Google form, or via a downloadable .pdf that can be emailed, mailed to, or dropped off at the Division of Gaming Office.

If you are unable to apply using the online form, or downloadable .pdf, you may also visit the Division of Gaming Office to fill out the Self-Exclusion form in person. 

If you have questions regarding the Self-Exclusion Program, please contact the Division of Gaming at:

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