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Youth and Problem Gambling

Youth and Problem Gambling

"Teens + Gambling = Trouble," from the UConn Health Center has startling facts about youth and problem gambling reported on the NCPG website.

Fact #1

Approximately 4-5% of youth, ages 12-17, meet one or more criteria of having a gambling problem. Another 10-14% are at risk of developing an addiction, which means that they already show signs of losing control over their gambling behavior. 

Fact #2

In general, between 60-80% of high school students report having gambled for money during the past year; 4-6% of these students are considered pathological gamblers (addicted to gambling) while another 6-8% are at risk of developing a serious gambling problem, or show signs of loss of control. 

PGCC Resources

Colorado's I Matter

The I Matter program can connect you with a therapist for up to 6 free virtual counseling sessions (some in-person appointments available, too) that are completely confidential.

Minnesota Alliance on Problem Gambling

Minnesota's Alliance on Problem Gambling has some great resources, reading material, and education.

New York's Know the Odds: Dangers of Youth Gambling

E-book on the psychological effects of gambling on an adolescent and education and prevention materials.

Ohio's Before You Bet Assessment Tool

“Get Set Before You Bet is meant to provide education and to grow awareness of how to keep gambling fun for those who gamble and how to get help for those who need it.” Has a responsible gambler assessment quiz as well as resources on how to gamble more responsibly. Also has a responsible gambler game that makes learning about responsible gambling easier and more fun.

Youth Decide NY

We are your New York State hub for all things related to underage gambling prevention. Whether you’re a teen, parent, or community influencer, you’ll find an array of resources tailored specifically to meet your needs. Stay a while and have a look around.

Youth Gambling International Centre

Research and Prevention Materials on youth gambling

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